Maroon 5’s Sugar Music Video

As of today, the Music Video of Maroon 5’s Sugar has garnered 99Million views worldwide, although it was just uploaded almost 3 weeks ago. The theme of the video was the whole gang of Maroon 5 would crash random weddings throughout Los Angeles, and then would do impromptu performance of their new song Sugar. The group has teamed up with the Wedding Crashers director David Dobkin which was filmed last December 6, 2014.

The video begins with Adam Levine saying “We’re gonna drive across L.A. and hit every wedding we possibly can,”. “It’s gonna be awesome.”
On every venue, the crew who films the whole event rushes towards the reception of the wedding and would hurriedly set up a huge white backdrop as everyone on the venue is being puzzled. The just married couple would be asked to go in front of the white clothe before the dropping it. Once the white clothe drops, the whole band is revealed singing the song Sugar. All of the couple seems shock and surprised and some are even hyperventilating.

During the press conference of the Music Video, Adam Levine, the vocalist of the band, said that it was a great experience and he didn’t expect such overwhelming reaction from the couples nor the guests. It was an unforgettable experience for him. Levine has been a friend of Director David Dobkin for years now and they said that they have been planning to work together for over a decade now. This project has been a wonderful experience for both parties.

The Music Video of Sugar then became viral soon after its upload; people are positively reviewing the video. Most are girls going gaga over the fact that Maroon 5 crashed a wedding and they hope their wedding would be crashed by the band too. Everyone seems to like the idea and everyone is gushing over the band’s unique and great idea. So, what’s the twist?????


A few days after the video came out, the video was reportedly staged and fake. The group was called out soon after for staging such video.. Stephen and Barbara Woo who are actors from the video even posted to their Facebook account that they actually played parents to a wedding couple. Several actors further reveal that the whole video was shot only in one location for three days.


Quick eyed fans have noticed that most of the wedding couples are actually actors and named some of the faces they recognized. One of the groom who played just married couple Nico Evers-Swindell, was already married to Megan Ferguson last 2011. And she’s definitely not the bride on the video. Another familiar face to the fans is an America’s Next Top Model” runner-up Raina Hein, who have a long term boyfriend known to the public and again, the groom in the video is not her husband.

The video is certainly staged and Maroon 5 kept getting called out because of their videos. Just few months ago, their video Animal received negative reactions from the internet as it was very creepy and disturbing. The whole video revolves around Adam Levine’s obsession over a certain girl which was played by his wife Behati Prinsloo.